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Very, Very Good.

Runs nicely on a Netbook, which is good because it is very much the kind of game you can play over and over again. However, all the ememies were fantastic up until the final boss... I was kind of let down my the - how can I say this without spoiling it - "spherically derived simplicity" of the boss. The plot was basic and straightforward but it didn't have to be deep in this kind of game. Thanks for this fantastic game!

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Very Good!

Lots of great easter eggs too - try typing 1337 into the chair XD

Lots of Fun!

The boss at the end seemed a bit easy though... the concept behind this was great, it reminded me of Achievement Unlocked.

Just one thing...

You misspelt Ganymede.
This is sheer, absolute brilliance. Well done.

Fotoshop responds:

TThanks for pointing it out, but Ganymed is different from Ganymede. Ganymed is a small asteroid.

Reasonably Primitive...

But very addictive and fun! The quality of the graphics needs a bit of work, but otherwise a very good job!

It's Alright...

It's pretty hard though, and not in a good way. Only one way to play (with one gun)... maybe next time a few different guns would be better, like a standard pistol but also an uzi which shoots faster but does less damage and a shotgun which does more damage but only at closer range. You don't give much variety, but what you have done is executed well.

I Played this on Experimental Gameplay...

When it first came out, and at the time I wanted to say how brilliant this is. And now I can! Thanks for this game experience.

Very good!

That bridge puzzle was a bit TOO subtle - I must have wasted 5 lives before I even noticed the writing. Maybe move it onto a signpost where it is clearer? Overall though I think this is an art game, and the art was good. Looking forward to more!

It isnt really a game...

But it is brilliant and deep nonetheless. Well Done!

Clever, very witty!

I just want to play it again... But alas, he is dead and is never coming back.

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