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I'm Glad This Continued

The dynamics of the first were great and this is another fantastic job. I didn't actually think you'd end up making another one but I'm really glad you did! Looking forward to more great work in the fututre.


You get a 6 because there was nothing there I hadn't seen before - taking an ad and animating it doesn't count as humour methinks. The animation was good though, and your lipsync was great - just do something original next time please.

Very, very good ending to a very, very god year.

Such is Life was so long ago, I thought it was last year! It's good to have something like this to remind you of the classics. Aaaaahh...

BiZZaRoTomFulp responds:

Exactly. Thanks for watching

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Very, Very Good.

Runs nicely on a Netbook, which is good because it is very much the kind of game you can play over and over again. However, all the ememies were fantastic up until the final boss... I was kind of let down my the - how can I say this without spoiling it - "spherically derived simplicity" of the boss. The plot was basic and straightforward but it didn't have to be deep in this kind of game. Thanks for this fantastic game!

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Very Good!

Lots of great easter eggs too - try typing 1337 into the chair XD

Lots of Fun!

The boss at the end seemed a bit easy though... the concept behind this was great, it reminded me of Achievement Unlocked.

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This really captures the idea of medieval times.

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MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks :) I´m glad you liked it.

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Crazy good!

Very nicely done, specifically the hands, they're really well-proportioned.

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Osuka responds:

Thanks, making hands is a big pain in the ass. So im really glad that you see the hands wellproportioned :)

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